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Welcome to Woodwinds

Transforming a beautiful vision into a beautiful reality through creation…

Specialists in the manufacture of custom made furniture, we at Woodwinds are adamant about quality, excellent workmanship, attention to detail and ultimately creating a piece of unique furniture that will outlast the rest and always be a beautiful feature in your home.

Woodwinds furniture guarantees the best quality at reasonable prices.  In addition to this, we set ourselves apart from the competition in the following ways:

  • Owner, Neville Boiskin, has a personal involvement in each and every project handled by Woodwinds Furniture, ensuring that quality control and attention to detail is prioritised.

  • At Woodwinds, our emphasis is on quality manufacturing and excellent workmanship.  We build furniture to last.

  • The collective experience and expertise of Neville and the Woodwinds Furniture staff makes for a highly skilled workforce, with both the creative talent and knowledge to manufacture beautiful, unique pieces of custom made furniture.

  • The range of products created at Woodwinds furniture is extensive.  We are not limited to specific types of furniture and can therefore assist with extremely specialised requirements that other furniture manufacturers may not be able to. This includes wooden components required in specialised applications and retail shop fitting.